Programme 1: Rotuma In Transition

Rotuma is our legacy for the future. Hopeful that our ability for making choices, readies a generation to move beyond subsistence. LäjeRotuma is committed to help with our community, to achieve critical capacity and maximum participation toward sustainability.

Action 1: STEWARDSHIP - Safeguard natural heritage through stewardship.

Rotuma ‘Otou Hanua Pumue – my precious land.

  • Community Heritage Resource Centre:

Cultural and spiritual values stem from nature and culture. A community hub for heritage conservation fostering an appreciation of community through innovation to cultural stewardship. This little church at Kalvaka village provides the interpretive educational space for the Rotuma Community Heritage Resource Centre, presenting on history about place, people and stories. The Centre is about responsible use and protection of the natural environment through heritage conservation and sustainable practices.

  • Leadership

Promote cultural values and ethics that motivates island leadership, take resilience-based action for the protection of Rotuma’s natural heritage traditionally connected to customs, practices and local knowledge.

The seven district chiefs embarked on a leadership knowledge series in 2019 as means to realising a shared mission to protect and conserve heritage. Strengthening our socio-cultural links to natural biodiversity through responsible planning, documentation for management protection and safeguard of people, places and stories.


Emerging challenges tackled with support of volunteers network, involving children in schools, youth champions and members of the Rotuma Women Association. Actions that promote a continuing thread of awareness, research, demonstration and inter-generational capacity building at community level.

  • Nurture an environment of innovation to create self-sustaining livelihoods.
  • Mentor youth leadership.
  • Organise clean-ups with sorting to record collected household-solid waste and advocate for waste minimisation practices.
  • Rehabilitation of key biodiverse habitats that are unused and in need of protection.
  • Health monitoring of the only seagrass meadow at Maka Bay.
  • Revitalise local knowledge and skill of traditional sports.


Healthier meals for families. Families practicing healthier diet habits, grounded in the knowledge of good traditional & scientific practices of food nutrition, preservation & meal preparation.

This project also aims to enable a space for women clubs to venture into small food enterprises for healthier snacks in island schools, that supports the growing organic foods market in Fiji.

Programme 2: Towards a Culture of Biodiversity Conservation

As we grow there is more to explore! Island biodiversity is an integral part of our Rotuman culture. There is conservation value in customary practices connected to beautiful, ethical values and our socio-economic reality on Rotuma. Through coordinated events, LäjeRotuma enhances skills and engages a trained island network of volunteers as champions, to sustain a program for ethno-biological and traditional conservation practices.

ACTION 1: Rotuma Schools Adopt-a-Habitat

Theme for 2019 Children Eco-Camp was about reaffirming the pride of our children in Rotuma’s natural and cultural heritage. Under the Rotuma Schools Adopt-a-Habitat, each school is designated a habitat close to the school for citizen-science learning and protection from activities detrimental to its health:

  • Paptea District School adopts forest close to its backyard.
  • Malha’a District School adopts local coral reef.
  • Motusa District School adopts the only seagrass meadow at Maka Bay.
  • Christ the King Mission School adopts local beach.
  • Eco-camp activities are a learning series of story-telling with developing children skills in creative visioning, cooperative decision making, communication, critical thinking, cultural and spiritual values.

ACTION 2: Support Rotuma Women

As resource managers of the family and community, women are often responsible for enriching children’s cultural identify and shaping their eco-attitudes through intergenerational sharing of knowledge and skills. The loss of traditional craft-making skills impacts the identity of both girls and boys. There is potential  opportunity for generating income and improving livelihoods. This program empowers women, teachers and children with skills and knowledge to preserve and strengthen socio-cultural links to natural biodiversity of Rotuma.

  1. Women empowerment: revitalising inter-relationships among women that cultivates good practice in governance of their clubs and mentoring by the elder women supported by Rotuma Women Association.
  2. Focus on Food: training women clubs on how to grow local foods and preserve excess fruits; value added products, storage and prepare of nutritious meals from local produce.
  3. Land care: supporting women’s initiatives to protect and preserve the natural, cultural and social environment.
  4. Protecting culture: promoting environmental stewardship among women groups with their children, youth, teachers and village communities.


LäjeRotuma operates at the national level on the island of Rotuma to coordinate and implement training, research, awareness and demonstration models and support cultural exchange opportunities. Knowledge generated through the activities implemented by us are shared. LäjeRotuma mobilises technical expertise at the national and international levels and provides support for significant marine and biodiversity research including cooperation with USP and scientific institutions to study birds, land snails and insects of Rotuma.

Objectives to be pursued through planning include:

  • further identify and address priority information needs associated with environmental, cultural, economic and social objectives using the most effective methods;
  • enhance research collaboration with technical agencies, institutions and NGO partners;
  • broadening the knowledge base and management capacity by drawing on modern science and indigenous knowledge.
  • Habitat restoration.

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