Rotuma is our CAUSE. LäjeRotuma strives to protect Rotuma’s natural heritage that promote healthy and sustainable living for a climate resilient future. For the challenge is about the security of our environment, our food, our water, our health and our heritage.

In our ability to manage unavoidable risks to local and global changes, LäjeRotuma is determined to inform and engage with relevant government agencies, partners and other sister communities to:

  • Understand the state of the island environment.
  • Communicate and share information.
  • Promote a healthy and sustainable living community.
  • Access to natural resources and protect intellectual property.
  • Engage, comply and monitor progress.
  • Support adaptive management for a sustainable community, one that moves beyond subsistence to our ability for making informed choices.

With a five-year strategic plan that embodies responsible planning, management protection and safeguard of people, places, and stories, LäjeRotuma hopes to inspire trust.
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LäjeRotuma recognise the use and conservation of biodiversity as an integral part of Rotuman culture, traditional practices that cannot be separated from its ethical, aesthetic values or from its socio-economic reality. Shift in values and use of natural resources accelerates the loss of traditional ecological knowledge, custom, and practices important to biodiversity conservation that underpin aspects of sustainable development on Rotuma.

In cooperation with the four primary schools, LäjeRotuma kickstarted a field science learning program in 2004 to create environmental awareness of habitats in the school vicinity. This culminates in a three-day Eco-Camp for the children at Oinafa with a program mix of birdwatching, beach surveys, snorkeling, and creative arts.

A Waste Management Resource Centre is in the pipeline to counter issues of collection, sorting and proper disposal of waste material derived from households on Rotuma. Meanwhile, youth organised cleanups and collection drive by the island schools while recording the status of waste per category. There is motivation to act now and manage our household refuse wisely. Such that, LäjeRotuma envisions a ban on single-use plastic bags on Rotuma in the near future.

Rotuma is an international port of entry for Fiji. Despite this, limited transport links with difficult access to capital and other markets pre-set a condition for the need for effective resource development. LäjeRotuma researches the shifting demand and need for sea transport based on the volume and type of cargo such as fuel on Rotuma as means to put forward a business case for improved sea transport discussion at all levels, public and private sector.


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