We offer solutions specific to remote telecommunications base station sites, with systems supporting 24V, 48V and -48V (postive grounded systems).

Depending on site resource availability and roll-out budgets, Clay Energy can offer the following solutions:

B Diesel Battery Systems

B Solar/Diesel/Battery Hybrid Systems

B Solar/Battery with Diesel Backup

B Stand-alone Solar

Our experience in the Pacific mean we choose products that would last in harsh tropical climates.

We have experience in rolling out power systems for both GSM and CDMA radio powered sites. Clay Energy has recently rolled out Vodafone Fiji’s first remote 3G site, powered by solar and diesel.

Over the years, we have developed telepower systems and supplied them to the three mobile operators in Fiji, two in Vanuatu and one in Tonga. Around 70 sites have been installed over the last 10 years around the region with varying power requirments and topography.


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